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Sedimente einer größeren Geschichte # (2023-07-22)
this website went live after a couple of months of playing, writing, coding, bugging, and debugging. # (2023-06-22)
read and showed some parts from unabgeschlossenes / left wide open publication, in the public program of the exhibition Orbs und Souvenirs* at BIA, Black Forest Institute of Art # (2022-08-27)
Projektlogiken had its premiere in the framework of Project Space Festival Berlin at Scotty # (2022-08-09)
unabgeschlossenes / left wide open was released. We had a release weekend at FAQ, Bremen. Esther Adam hosted a talk with Franzi Bauer and me. We had a nice party, showed the accompanying installation and lock picked on Sunday. # (2022-05-14)
fag tips for Artists Space was released. it is a publication offered on the occasion of the exhibition Minor Publics by virgil b/g taylor at Artists Space in New York. i contributed a text as a responsive to a prompt by virgil. # (2022-04-21)
Wirbel, Wellen, Aufzeichnungen took place on a sunny afternoon. A special walk conceived with Research and Waves supported by the work of Timo Johannes, in the framework of Geographien der Unterbrechung. Using various microphones and recording devices, we walked across the former freight yard grounds and the exhibition, exploring various sound waves, radio waves and their interference. # (2022-02-26)
Geografien der Unterbrechung, eine Ausstellung, Galerie Herold Bremen # (2022-01-21)
a small selection of projects was shown at Prix d’Art Robert Schuman 2021 in Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. On the occasion of the show, the poster untitled (leerflächen) was developed and distributed. # (2021-11-19)
Offener Prozess opened at Neue Säschsige Galerie, Chemnitz, and Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin. # (2021-10-01)
Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken took place at Biennale für Freiburg #1 in the newly build district of Rieselfeld at the open stage construction Band Stand # (2021-07-17)
Future Archives hosted as part of their residency a three-day gathering of local artists, scientist, and activists at Künstlerhäuser Worpswede. I brought Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken to this gathering. # (2020-08-21)
an image chapter contribution to Beyond Repair, a book and an assembly of materials from an eponymous study gathering in Venice in 2019. The study gathering traced and linked irreversibly damaged and damaging conditions and spaces shaped by extractivism and accumulation. # (2020-01-01)
the annual exhibition of the artist union in Bremen featured making waves,,, unmastered and a round of Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken # (2019-10-27)
the exhibtion project Notiz genommen that Esther Adam and I developed, opened at the collectively run Pub Horner Eck in Bremen opened. # (2019-10-14)
At the IDEAL Art Space in Leipzig we held another session of Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken # (2019-08-25)
Research and Waves released a 12 inch vinyl Transparencies (RAW[0.4,y,0.75]). Featuring work by Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Sam Conran, Patrick Cruz, Nicolás Gravel, Galina Kruzhilina, Louise Vind Nielsen and me. # (2019-04-26)
Countermovements, a text on un/locking techniques, commissioned by Project Space Festival Berlin is published # (2019-01-01)
for Ankersentrum (surviving in the ruinous ruin), the publication accompanying Natascha Süder Happelmann’s contribution for the German Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale, I wrote a text with Seda Naiumad and Felix Meyer on Mobile Border Regimes of Accumulation. # (2019-01-01)
Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken, FeldFünf, Berlin (Performance/Workshop) # (2019-01-01)

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