Creating the Balance without a key

2019, Audio, 05:20 Min

Released on Transparencies / RAW [0.4,y,0.75] comissioned and released by Research and Waves in collaboration with Nicolás Rosero and Carlos Pablo Villamizar. Mastered by Normann Neumann. A heartfelt thank you to Gustavo Mendez Lopez, Maria Karpushina, Nicolás Rosero, Dorina San Luis and Elard Lukaczik

Shown at:
RAW[0.4,y,0.75] α - Transparencies: Prelude I, Galerie Mitte im Kubo, Bremen, 2018
RAW[0.4,y,0.75] β - Transparencies: Prelude II, FeldFuenf, Berlin, 2019
RAW[0.4,y,0.75] - Transparencies, FeldFuenf, Berlin, 2019

This project is part of a series, that started with key logging (ongoing) (2018).
For the release of the vinyl, the workshop Un/Stimmigkeiten knacken (2019) was developed, followed by unabgeschlossenes (installation) (2021) and unabgeschlossenes / left wide open (book) (2022).

Text sources:

[In English] Altered text excerpts from Claire Fontaine – Some Instructions for the Sharing of Private Property, 2011
with in return text excerpts from

Ted the Tool – MIT Guide to Lock Picking, 1991

CIA Lock Picking: Field Operative Training Manual, Unknown Origin

[In German] Altered text excerpts from Gebrüder Grimm – Bremer Stadtmusikanten, 1819
with in return altered text excerpts from

Oral fairy tale Bremer Stadtmusikanten, Unknown time (multiple versions)

Recorded at:

Ehemaliger Güterbahnhof, Bremen / Former goods station, Bremen

Hochschule für Künste im Hafen Speicher XI, Überseestadt, Bremen /
University of the Arts in the Waterfront Warehouse XI, Überseestadt, Bremen

Baumwollbörse, Bremen / Cotton Exchange, Bremen

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