“to project means – to throw – something – forth”

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“So the question would be then:
What is the act of throwing? What is thrown? Who is throwing? And where is forth?”

“Diese Projektform, was hat die eigentlich für Antworten herauf beschworen?”

“Nächstes Ziel erreichen, nächstes Ziel erreichen, (...)
es geht nur darum den nächsten Wurf zu machen.”

“All of the nervousness, all of the anger, all of the little violences you are inflicting on others in very stressful situations, (…)
where your work is badly paid, or your service is unrecognised, or your existence is at risk any moment, or you don’t have health insurance, or you don’t know how long you can stay in the flat …”

"Und das ist ja das schöne finde ich am Titel Projekt-Raum, dass es ein Raum ist, in den man reinprojizieren kann (…) "


2022 (ongoing)

Projektlogiken is an ongoing inquiry into the dynamics and structures of project-based labor.
It is an evolving assembly of interviews, talks, discussion, images, movements, and sounds.
Many thanks to everyone, who spoke to me so far:

Aria Farajnezhad, Christoph Chwatal, Jasmina Al-Qaisi, Sebastian Bodirsky, Svenja Binz, virgil b/g taylor

The archives is presented in the form of a performance. The performers are a vaccuum robot with a battery-powered projector mounted on top and an orchestra consisting of a variable amount of moving toy cars with loudspeakers. The first iteration of Projektlogiken was shown at Scotty in the framework of Project Space Festival Berlin 2022.
The loop 35 minutes was the length of the loop that included parts in German and English.
The performance lasts as long as the Battery last.

Photos on this page were taken by Paula G. Vidal, videos were recorded by virgil b/g taylor.
Projektlogiken was supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds and Neustart Kultur

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